We work with dealerships

A fantastic additional up-sell sales opportunity at the point of readiness with your customers.


Dealership Package Developed for Dealerships

As our core product is designed for vehicles, we have put together a package designed around vehicle dealerships. These could be dealerships for any types of vehicle: cars, vans, lorries, buses or coaches. We can offer all the support materials and literature you will need to retail the unit as an up sell at the point of sale. We can also train you on the use and operation of the system to allow you to demonstrate it to potential customers. As the units are wholesaled to you, as it allows room for you to make a respectable profit even after the cost of an installation. Installations can be performed by a competent mechanic and therefore kept in house.

Become an Approved Dealership

If you would like to become an approved dealership in our network, then please click the link below and complete our distributor application form. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more information, then drop us an email and we will send the guide to you.

Distributor Application Email Us